Thyme - Plant

Greta's Organic Gardens

Thyme - Plant

6470- Thyme. Thymus vulgaris

Perennial (hardy in zones 4-9)

(German thyme; Winter thyme) Most popular, standard variety! Simple, robust and upright growth habit makes it a perfect potted or garden plant. Medicinally, thyme has carminative properties, which allow it to aid in digestion by stimulating digestive enzymes and improving sluggish bowels. Plant in sandy, well drained soil in full sun. Thyme is typically low maintenance, but will need to be pruned to encourage a bushy growth and prevent woodyness. Sensitive to over watering, as thyme is susceptible to fungal diseases and root rot if conditions are too wet. Harvest in the morning, as concentrations of aromatic oils are highest at this time. Height up to 1 foot.

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Safe Seed Pledge

Agriculture and seeds provide the basis upon which our lives depend. We must protect this foundation as a safe and genetically stable source for future generations. For the benefit of all farmers, gardeners and consumers who want an alternative. We pledge that we do not knowingly buy or sell genetically engineered seeds or plants. The mechanical transfer of genetic material outside of natural reproductive methods and between genera, families or kingdoms, poses great biological risks as well as economic, political and cultural threats. We feel that genetically engineered varieties have been insufficiently tested prior to public release. More research and testing is necessary to further assess the potential risks of genetically engineered seeds.



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