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Tomato Early Cascade- Organic

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1859  Early Cascade

Early Cascade tomato seeds produce super abundant yields from early summer to the first frost. Fruits are bright red, full of flavour, and of medium size to 110g (4 oz.) each. Perfect for salads and sandwiches, but versatile enough for home processing and canning. This variety also has very good disease resistance.

NOTE: Early Cascade OP has been "de-hybridized" from the popular hybrid variety of Early Cascade that is no longer being produced. The process of de-hybridization picks the best genetic traits over several generations to produce an open-pollinated offspring. This open-pollinated version has better flavour and thinner skins than the hybrid did, but has a slightly different shape and does not keep as well. It's a very fine tomato, best enjoyed fresh! Indeterminate (vine)

Matures in 55 days