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UC157 Asparagus - BUY NOW

Outstanding variety for the Coast and other mild climate areas. Three to five dark green spears are produced from each mature crown.


Celine Snap Bush Bean- BUY NOW

Bright purple colour beans. 4.5-5.5" Pods. Plants are healthy producers of uniform beans on robust, bush habit plants.

Purple Moon Hyacinth - BUY NOW 

A beautiful red bean. The pods are purple red. Bean that must be cooked to eat.


Natalino Romanesco Broccoli - BUY NOW

Natalino makes a wonderful addition to a vegetable dip tray with its curious look and fantastic flavour.


Red Ball Brussel Sprouts - BUY NOW


Red Ball Brussel sprout seeds produce plants with red foliage and sprouts, and the colour really improves in cold weather and after frost. The dark red sprouts are sweeter. 


Coppenhagen Market Cabbage - BUY NOW

This early variety forms round, solid heads 15-20cm in diameter, making it the largest early round-head cabbage for summer harvest.

Premium Flat Dutch Cabbage - BUY NOW


A late-maturing cabbage with very large solid heads



Yellow Carrot - BUY NOW

Yellow carrots are a beautiful golden shade, growing up to six inches long with tapered ends. They have a very tender texture and sweet taste. 

Nutri-Red Carrot - BUY NOW 
These flavourful, striking red carrots are meant to be cooked rather than eaten raw.  Exceptionally rich in lycopene. The colour actually intensifies when cooked. 


Cauliflower (Song TJS-65-F1) - BUY NOW

Loose-curd cauliflower popular in Asia.  Sweeter and more tender than standard white-stemmed varieties, and with longer stems.


Sugar Buns Corn - BUY NOW

This corn is delightfully tender with a rich, creamy sweetness. 
Sugar Buns freezes well.  

Golden Jubilee Corn - BUY NOW

Sweet, yellow kernels with a rich corn flavour.

Peaches and Cream Corn - BUY NOW

Produces 22cm (8.5") long bi-colour cobs, each with white and gold kernels. Six feet tall plants and very sweet cobs.  Highly recommended for the home gardener.


A&C Pickling cucumber - BUY NOW

Very productive and a good choice for pickling. Excellent variety for home or market gardens.

Chicago Pickling Cucumber- BUY NOW

Go-to pickling cucumber for canners. Thin skins accept pickling solutions well. 

Wisconsin SMR - 58 Pickling Cucumber - BUY NOW

 Great cucumber variety for pickling!

Muncher Cucumber - BUY NOW

This tender, dual-purpose variety makes great pickles and is excellent for fresh eating right out of the garden! 

Tendergreen Burpless Cucumber - BUY NOW

Sweet, tender, non-bitter and acid free. Medium green, smooth, blocky fruit is at its best when harvested at 8 inches or less.


Komatsuna Red - BUY NOW 
Often known as mustard spinach, its leaves are tender and mild. Can be used as a cut-and-come-again crop at any stage of growth

Wasabi Mustard Green - BUY NOW

 Wasabi mustard has a sharp, peppery flavour that's reminiscent of actual wasabi, without producing its infamous nasal burn.

Purple Osaka Mustard Green - BUY NOW

Large, beautiful, savoyed, purple leaves are pungent and sharp. Use young in salads or bunch for steaming or stir-frying when mature. 


Huacatay Peruvian Black Mint - BUY NOW

Complex herbal aroma immediately reminds one of mint. Notes of cilantro, licorice, and citrus can also be detected. It is said to make an excellent alternative for those who dislike the flavour of cilantro. 

Sweet Thai Basil - BUY NOW

Licorice-Clove flavour perfect for Thai cuisine.

Peppermint, perennial - BUY NOW

Hot, rich mint aroma issues from the crushed or dried leaves of this spreading perennial plant.

 Spearmint - BUY NOW

This mint is easy to grow, and it's fast, too. The leaves dry well and even fresh they make a nice tea.


Evening Colours Sunflower - BUY NOW

 A great mix of colours with chocolatey brown centres

Red Sunflower - BUY NOW

 Beautiful mix of red sunflowers with an irresistible colour. Striking in the field or garden, the strong stalks make these colourful blooms an excellent choice for cut flower production.


Lavender - BUY NOW


Rich in fragrance, used often in essential oils and cosmetics


Green Lentils - BUY NOW

 Easy to grow, about 60 days to dry lentils




Cos or Romaine Lettuce - BUY NOW

Long, conical heads, up to 25 cm (10”) tall with crunchy, juicy leaves. Use them as loose-leaf lettuce, or bind to get whiter heads that are more solid and crisp.

Red Eared Butter Heart - BUY NOW


Buttery leaves with deep red tips and bright green centers.  Delicious flavour, light texture.

Really Red Deer Tongue Lettuce - BUY NOW


Long leaves, pointed, and completely dark, with a pale midrib.  Begins as a unique dark red cutting type, then makes a butter-cos heart. Probably best as a spring lettuce.

 Dwarf Green Curled Kale - BUY NOW

 A frost tolerant variety from northern Germany that can be harvested long into winter.


Red Bearded Onions - BUY NOW

 Red-stalked bunching onion.  For the richest red colour, plant it in late summer to early fall so it is exposed to a bit of cold weather before harvest. 

 Parade Bunching Onions - BUY NOW


Long straight white stems with dark green silvery tops. Clusters of 4-9 silvery shanks of non-bulbing scallion-type onions.  


Avalanche Snow Peas - BUY NOW


Sweet and tender pods can be harvested when small or large.


Lunchbox Peppers, Mix - BUY NOW

 A colourful combination of red, yellow and orange mini-sized peppers. Sauteed or eaten raw, these peppers are sweet and delicious.



Wasabi Radish - BUY NOW

This Daikon type radish packs a wallop of tingling wasabi heat, making it a much easier to grow substitute for the famously finicky true wasabi root. 

Saisai Purple Daikon - BUY NOW


This radish is intended to be grown as baby salad greens. The mid-rib is vibrant purple, contrasting nicely with bright green rounded leaves.

Purple Plum Radish - BUY NOW


Unique deep purple round roots. Firm white flesh, sweet and mild all season, hardy and adaptable, never pithy.



Perpetual Rhubarb – BUY NOW


Thick, succulent stems grow 30-35cm long, with a primarily pink and green pigment.



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