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Greta's Family Gardens

Brad's Atomic Grape

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1252 - Brad's Atomic Grape. 75 Days. Solanum lycopersicum These tomatoes are a feast for the senses, featuring large, elongated cherries arranged in clusters. What truly sets them apart is their spectacular color and flavor profile—a visual and gustatory delight! As they ripen, they transition from lavender and purple stripes to a Technicolor display of olive-green, red, and brown/blue stripes. It's a truly wild and captivating sight. One remarkable feature of Brad's Atomic Grape is its ability to hold fruit exceptionally well on the vine or after harvesting, making it an excellent choice for market growers. When fully ripe, the olive-green interior blushes with a deep red hue, offering a burst of flavors that are extraordinarily sweet. These crack-resistant fruits come in various sizes, ranging from large grapes to plum-sized gems. These elongated, multi-colored cherries grow in clusters, and their wispy foliage may appear delicate, but it belies the rugged constitution and high productivity of these plants.