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Greta's Family Gardens

Candy Mountain Corn

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3446 - Candy Mountain Corn. 70-80 Days. Zea mays. An early to mid-season open-pollinated yellow sweet corn variety that offers a delightful blend of mixed sugar-enhanced and normal sugary kernels. This unique combination results in a rich, sweet flavor that falls between the classic "old-timey" corn and the exceptionally sweet modern corn varieties. What sets Candy Mountain apart is its sugar enhanced trait, which keeps the corn sweet for several days after picking. Specially bred to excel in cooler climates and at higher elevations. Its seeds germinate reliably even in cool soil conditions, and you can expect to enjoy harvest-ready corn at the milk stage in approximately 70 days from planting. The flavor is very good, offering a moderate sweetness level, and it delivers consistent production. Produces cobs that reach 7 inches in length and bear 12 rows of luscious yellow kernels.