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Savoy Cabbage di Verona

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5480 - Savoy Cabbage di Verona. Popular Italian savoy cabbage with a pink flush to the head. One of the finest for market due to both its looks and flavor. Regional savoy type cabbage from Northern Italy. Green crinkly tender leaves with some red in the center. Very striking plant. Large firm heads. For spring or fall, but best for fall. Good storage and will hold well in the ground during cold weather. Taste actually improves with cold weather. 80-90 days. Plant seeds 1 cm deep. Transplant or thin small plants to 35-45 cm apart. Transplants can be started in April for May planting. Transplant after 4-6 weeks. Use a starter fertilizer, soaking the root ball thoroughly prior to transplanting. Direct seed up until mid-late June for a continuous harvest.