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Cupcakes Cosmos

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7244 - Cupcakes Cosmos. Cosmos bipinnatus Imagine the captivating power of petal fusion, where every ray of these cosmos flowers has come together to create exquisitely pleated cupcake papers in soft shades of white and pink. These blossoms possess an ethereal quality, almost as if they're floating like parachutes. Some of these charming flowers display a doubled appearance, with extra petals emerging from their centers. These cosmos plants grow to an impressive height of 4 feet, sporting long stems that make them ideal for cutting. Cupcakes Blush holds its own in terms of showiness, rivaling the Double Click variety with its lighter-weight blooms standing tall on their stems. The finely pleated, light-colored flowers seem to hover gracefully above the lush foliage, and a delightful surprise is the occasional appearance of tufted centers in a small percentage of the blossoms. If you have fond memories of baking cupcakes as a child, you'll find that these unique cosmos bear a striking resemblance to fluted cupcake wrappers. Additionally, they're incredibly easy to care for—simply deadhead spent flowers and provide occasional watering in extremely dry conditions, as cosmos are known for their drought tolerance. For optimal flower production, plant them in moderately fertile soil with moderate watering. You may find that cosmos often self-sow if you allow some spent flowers to remain on the plants. When cut, these flowers typically last between 5 to 9 days, reaching their full, open beauty in a vase. Moreover, cosmos have a magnetic appeal to birds, bees, and butterflies, making them a wonderful addition to any garden. +W11