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Emerald Archer Shelling Pea

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5851 - Emerald Archer Shelling Pea. 65 Days. Pisum sativum Emerald Archer pea (Pisum sativum) is an open-pollinated variety that boasts impressive qualities for both young and adult gardeners alike. One of its standout features is its exceptional climbing ability, readily scaling a pea fence with an abundance of tendrils. These tendrils not only aid in climbing but are also a highlight of the plant, particularly enjoyed by younger gardeners. Emerald Archer is a midseason pea that produces a superabundance of peas per pod. Each pod typically contains ten peas, and they are consistently well-formed with no off-types among them. This variety offers both quantity and quality, making it a favorite among pea enthusiasts. The plant itself has an upright growth habit, reaching a height of 36–42 inches, which facilitates easy harvesting. Its productivity, delicious taste, and ease of picking make it a practical choice for gardeners of all ages.