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Fancy Pants Daisy Mix

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7370 - Fancy Pants Daisy Mix. Chrysanthemum carinatum Commonly known as tricolor or painted daisies, these Mediterranean native flowers are a delightful addition to your garden. Not only do they make stunning cut flowers, but they also have the potential to naturalize with a bit of assistance, creating a charming meadow-like atmosphere in your outdoor space. These plants typically reach heights of 2-3 feet, showcasing an array of flowers in mesmerizing three-color combinations. Picture petals in shades of white, burgundy, yellow, scarlet, orange, lavender, and pink, coming together to create a breathtaking visual symphony. Much like Cape Daisies, such as 'Zulu Prince,' these tricolor or painted daisies feature striped petals that form concentric circles of color around an intricately patterned eye. The result is a captivating display of natural beauty that adds a touch of elegance and charm to your garden.