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Garden Huckleberry -Organic

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5710 - Garden Huckleberry. (Solanum melanocerasum) Native to the tropics of western Africa. Sprawling 3-4' branched plants produce hundreds of round ½-¾" shiny black berries in clusters. Best when picked after berries turn from glossy to dull black. Tasteless when raw and unsweetened, but makes delicious mock blueberry pies and preserves. Use about 1 pound of berries to ½ cup of sugar for best flavor. Good for freezing and canning. It is a common misunderstanding that Garden Huckleberries are poisonous. Garden Huckleberries are not poisonous! Even after countless studies have proven their safety, some garden writers still insist that gardeners are being terribly misled. That’s understandable, because tomatoes were formerly thought to be poisonous too! 75-80 days from transplant.