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Greens Turkish Rocket -Organic

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3205 - Turkish Rocket. Bunias Orientalis

Turkish Rocket is a very hardy perennial in the brassica family with a lot going for it. The young florets and stalks make a delicious vegetable when cooked like asparagus, with tastes of broccoli rabe and cabbage. Leaves are are mildly bitter, especially when older, but this bitterness mostly disappears with cooking, making them good eats boiled, steamed, or sautéd. Check out some recipes here. This plant mines for nutrients deep in the ground with its taproot, making the entire plant highly nutritious. Harvesting the stalks will prompt more regrowth, similar to asparagus. The flowers are a good source of pollen and nectar for pollinators and predatory insects. Can be almost 4' tall in peak flower, but an average of 2-3' in general.

Enjoys full sun, seems to tolerate part shade, and could care less about soil quality.

Zone 4