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Kaleidoscopic Jewel Tomato

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1251 - Kaleidoscopic Jewel Tomato. 75-80 Days. An exotic and visually striking tomato variety, known for its small size and captivating stripes. These tomatoes are a true spectacle, with large, productive plants that offer a bountiful harvest. The fruits are oval-shaped, beginning their journey in a vibrant green hue adorned with stunning purple anthocyanin stripes and splashes, and as they ripen, they showcase multiple tones of red and purple with those dark stripes.. they typically weigh between 50-150 grams each. The flavor profile is as delightful as their appearance, offering a good balance of sweetness. Notably, this variety thrives in both hot and cool weather conditions, making it a versatile choice for any climate. This indeterminate, vining tomato variety can grow to about 200 cm in height and spread width-wise, depending on pruning practices and the choice of staking and support. As a final note, it's worth mentioning that like all anthocyanin tomatoes, the intensity of the shoulder splashes deepens with direct, unobstructed exposure to light. Embrace the beauty and flavor of Kaleidoscopic Jewel in your garden.