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Greta's Family Gardens

Milas Queen Mix

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7400 - Milas Queen Mix. Agrostemma githago Experience the captivating beauty of this new flower mix, featuring exquisite 1_-2" blooms in enchanting shades of purple and white. These charming flowers adorn slender stems that reach an impressive height of 30 inches, creating a truly eye-catching display in your garden. What makes these flowers even more delightful is their versatility. You have the option to plant them with close spacing for mutual support, planting them as close as 6x6" on centers or in rows. crating visually stunning patterns and arrangements in your garden. To get the best results, you can either transplant these flowers or sow them directly in your garden during the early spring, ensuring that they thrive in the cool weather. Their adaptability and ease of cultivation make them a fantastic choice for both experienced and novice gardeners. Elevate the aesthetics of your outdoor space with this captivating mix of purple and white flowers. Watch as they grace your garden with their stunning colors and slender stems, creating a truly enchanting ambiance.