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Purple Perfume Nicotiana Tobacco

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8372 - Purple Perfume Nicotiana Tobacco. 60 Days. Nicotiana x sandarae The Purple Perfume Nicotiana is a delightful addition to your garden, boasting dark, deep purple, trumpet-shaped flowers that exude an intoxicating fragrance similar to its taller nicotiana relatives. These compact plants stand at about 2 feet tall, making them perfect for creative placements as garden accents or in containers. What's especially enchanting about these flowers is their appeal to twilight and nocturnal insects. These seeds are the result of open-pollinated selection from the hybrid Deep Purple, an All-American Selections winner. The plants produce highly scented, star-shaped deep purple blooms that measure about 2 inches (5 cm) across. They are free-flowering and reach a garden height of 16-18 inches (40-45 cm) when grown in full sun. To grow these lovely flowers, start them indoors and then transplant them into your garden after the last frost has passed.