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Greta's Family Gardens

Radio calendula

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6081 - Radio calendula. Calendula officinalis Imagine a vibrant and timeless display of clear, bright orange petals that are meticulously rolled lengthwise into delicate quills, creating a captivating "cactus dahlia" effect. This variety harks back to a bygone era when the radio was a revolutionary home entertainment center. Introduced around 1930, this 'pot marigold' variety quickly became a beloved and common sight in gardens, captivating a generation with its enchanting blooms. However, as times changed, it gradually faded from production, making it a cherished relic of gardening history. Revive the classic beauty of this 'pot marigold' in your own garden and enjoy the enduring charm of its clear, bright orange petals. As you cultivate this vintage variety, you'll not only add a touch of nostalgia to your outdoor space but also reconnect with a piece of gardening heritage that has stood the test of time.