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Greta's Family Gardens

RAF Tomato

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1962 - RAF Tomato. 72 Days. If you're seeking a versatile tomato variety suitable for various culinary purposes, 'RAF' tomatoes are an excellent choice. They are perfect for cooking, juicing, canning, slicing, and more. These semi-determinate plants with regular leaves are prolific producers, and they even offer an early harvest. Our first fruits began ripening in just 72 days from transplanting. 'RAF' tomatoes are renowned for their delightful aroma and sweet, delicious taste, providing an exceptional culinary experience. 'RAF' tomatoes develop in sizable, round fruits, often featuring prominent ribs. These fruits can weigh up to 300 grams each and attain a deep red hue when fully ripe. Their flavor is both tangy and fruity. The 'RAF' tomato plant is a compact bush variety that reaches a maximum height of about one meter. Additionally, they exhibit good disease resistance, including resistance to Fusarium.