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Rattail Radish- Organic

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5331 - Rattail Radish. Raphanus sativus. 57 days. Grown for the 6” long, thin, crisp and spicy seed-pods, that cover the 3-foot plant after blooming. Pods are eaten fresh, stir-fried or pickled. Produces for two months if kept picked. Produces plenty of food despite club-root, maggots and hot weather. They are very delicious, crisp, and mildly pungent. They had a sharp but pleasant radish taste, along with a very nice crunchy texture. After trying this amazing edible podded radish, you won't get enough of them. It adds a delicious flavor to any dish. Perfect for mixed vegetable platters, salads, and lightly cooked in stir fries. Great for pickling too. Best when harvested when pods are young. Requires staking or trellis as it will grow to 5 ft. Excellent choice for home gardens. A heirloom variety from Thailand dating back to the 1860s.