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Greta's Family Gardens

Rebel Startfighter Prime Tomato

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1961 - Rebel Startfighter Prime Tomato. 80 Days. The Sublime Heart Tomato, with its captivating purple hue and purplish-black tinted shoulders, showcasing the presence of anthocyanin. These tomatoes are also adorned with vibrant green stripes, making them a feast for the eyes. Their heart-shaped form, with broad shoulders tapering to a point, adds to their uniqueness. While some fruits are wider, others lean towards a more narrow shape. The skin of Sublime Heart Tomatoes boasts a deep reddish-brown shade, highlighted by the mesmerizing purple and green wavy stripes. When you slice them open, you'll discover a deep brownish-red flesh that offers a flavorful experience like no other. The taste is mildly sweet, meaty, and gently acidic, delivering a melt-in-your-mouth sensation. These tomatoes are incredibly versatile; enjoy them sliced with a pinch of salt and pepper, add them to salads, or roast them to enhance your culinary creations. This indeterminate variety of tomato can reach heights of over 6 feet. Initially, the plants may appear wispy, but they will gradually thicken and grow into sturdy, resilient specimens. It's important to provide them with some gentle care during their early stages of growth. These are heirloom and open-pollinated varieties, grown naturally in the garden. For a truly unique addition to your tomato garden, we highly recommend considering Sublime Heart Tomatoes. Their exceptional appearance and delightful flavor make them a must-have for any tomato enthusiast.