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Round of Parma - Zucchini Tondo di Piacenza

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4731 - Round of Parma - Zucchini Tondo di Piacenza. 55 Days. Cucurbita pepo The Zucchino, Tondo Di Piacenza Zucchini, also known as Round of Parma, is a delightful summer squash originating from Northern Italy, particularly Parma. This variety is known for its round, dark green zucchinis that have a slightly ribbed texture and feature white, meaty flesh. These zucchinis are best harvested when they reach the size of a tennis ball, typically around 55 days after planting. The Tondo Di Piacenza Zucchini is considered mid-early in terms of maturation. It offers excellent versatility in the kitchen, making it suitable for various culinary applications. You can enjoy these zucchinis by stuffing them, slicing them for grilling, frying, or incorporating them into a wide range of dishes. They are particularly delightful when used in Italian recipes or soups. In their young and tender state (up to approximately 10 cm in size), they can even be eaten raw. Larger courgettes from this variety can be used to make a healthy and flavorful soup.