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Turnip Rooted Chervil

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5080 – Turnip Rooted Chervil This native annual herb of Europe and Western Asia was used as a popular vegetable in the Victorian times and is now virtually unknown as a food item in Britain and the USA, whereas it is still used in French cuisine in soups or stews. The root looks rather like a stubby dark parsnip and if stored for a few months in the cold becomes much sweeter and gives a flavour to the flesh reminiscent of chestnuts. This use of the plant was recently noted on Gardeners' Question Time as an alternative for parsnips for those gardeners wishing to try something a little different. SOWING ADVICE Best sown in mid Autumn. As germination can be erratic sow clumps of 3-4 seeds spaced 3 inches part with a light covering of soil. Thin out if more than one seed germinates. The seeds are cold-germinators so it will be the spring before you seed the new shoots. Keep moist and provide shade in summer. Leave the roots in the ground till after the first hard frost to improve the flavour