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Greta's Family Gardens

Wild Tobacco

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8371 - Wild Tobacco. 90 Days.  Nicotiana rustica Unleash your curiosity with Wild Tobacco, the wild version of this fascinating plant that has historical significance. This untamed variety is the likely original version that made its way to Europe. These plants grow to heights ranging from 18 to 42 inches, with leaves shaped like ovals, measuring between 4 to 8 inches in length. Their flower corolla is a distinctive greenish-yellow, and the entire plant is covered in a sticky pubescence, adding to its unique appeal. While Wild tobacco may not be commonly grown, it holds a certain allure for those with a curious nature or a desire to explore the untamed side of this plant. It's worth considering if you're interested in its historical significance, or if you simply want to experience the potency of this wild tobacco variety.