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Zucchini Ronde de Nice - Tondo Nizza

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4709 - Zucchini Ronde de Nice - Tondo Nizza. 55 Days. Cucurbita pepo The Zucchini Tondo Nizza, also known as the "Round of Nice," is a delightful heirloom variety. This zucchini is similar in shape to Piacenza zucchini but boasts a light green color, setting it apart. One noteworthy characteristic of this zucchini is its very thin skin, which requires gentle handling. To enjoy the best flavor and texture, it's recommended to pick these zucchinis when they are no larger than a baseball or softball and before the skin starts to darken. The culinary possibilities with Zucchini Tondo Nizza are endless. You can grill them, stuff them, fry them, or even use them in place of eggplant in a parmigiana dish. With a growing period of just 55 days, you can look forward to enjoying these round, medium-sized zucchinis with their thin, light green skin and slightly darker ribbed rings. This heirloom variety hails from France in the late 1800s and is known for its early growth and exceptional taste, making it an excellent choice for any gourmet dish.