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Zucchini Sicilian White - Lungo Bianco di Sicilia

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4732 - Zucchini Sicilian White - Lungo Bianco di Sicilia. 50-60 Days. Cucurbita pepo These zucchinis have light green, almost white, fruit that can grow quite long, typically reaching lengths of 8-10 inches while maintaining a slender profile. When they are smaller, they exhibit minimal ribbing, which becomes more pronounced as they grow larger. One of the key features of the Long White Zucchini is its early maturation, making it a reliable and productive addition to your garden. These zucchinis not only yield well but also have excellent taste, making them a flavorful choice for various culinary applications. When planting Long White Zucchini, keep in mind that they tend to have a bit of a runner habit, so it's advisable to space them approximately four feet apart to allow for adequate growth.