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Eggplant Turkish Orange

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5996 - Eggplant Turkish Orange. 70 Days. Solanum melongena Turkish Orange Eggplant is a stunning heirloom variety that hails from Turkey. With its vibrant red-orange hue and unique characteristics, this eggplant is a delightful addition to any garden and culinary repertoire. This variety produces small, round fruit that measures approximately 7cm (3 inches) in diameter. When these eggplants are green, they are perfect for consumption, offering a tender and delectable flavor. As they mature and transition to a striking orange hue, they become ideal candidates for stuffing with your favorite ingredients. One of the standout features of the Turkish Orange Eggplant is its heavy yield and natural resistance to insects. This means you can expect a bountiful harvest of these flavorful eggplants, making them a valuable addition to your garden. The Turkish Orange Eggplant grows to a height of about 50cm (20 inches), making it a manageable and space-efficient choice for gardeners of all levels. Beyond their visual appeal and excellent yield, Turkish Orange Eggplants have a unique and memorable flavor. They are tender, sweet, and fragrant, providing a delightful culinary experience. Moreover, these eggplants have a long shelf life after harvesting, allowing you to savor their goodness over an extended period. If you're seeking an heirloom eggplant variety that offers both visual beauty and exceptional flavor, the Turkish Orange Eggplant is a fantastic choice. Embrace the rich culinary traditions of Turkey by incorporating this vibrant and flavorful heirloom into your garden and kitchen. Enjoy the unique and delicious fruits of your gardening efforts!