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Greta's Family Gardens

Emerald Naked Seed Pumpkin

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4715 - Emerald Naked Seed Pumpkin. 90-110 Days. Cucurbita pepo. These hulless pumpkin seeds, also known as pepitas, are among the most flavorful and nutritious treats that can be cultivated in your garden or on your farm. When freshly roasted with a touch of salt, these seeds are mind-bogglingly delicious. The Emerald Naked Seeded pumpkin has been carefully developed by our friend Chris Homanics, who has spent years working with hulless pumpkins to create an extraordinary genepool. This unique pumpkin variety presents a wide range of possibilities, including small and large pumpkins, as well as those with green stripes or solid orange exteriors. While not all of these pumpkins may be ideal for eating, some certainly will be. Harvesting the seeds is a straightforward process, as they are easy to scoop out of the fruit. After rinsing and drying, they can be stored for up to a year, providing you with a long-lasting stash of delicious and wholesome snack options. Pepitas are renowned for their high protein content, essential fatty acids, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, making them a fantastic addition to your diet. Emerald Naked Seeded pumpkin is known for its adaptability, tolerance for challenging growing conditions, and resilience against diseases like powdery mildew and black rot.