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Greta's Family Gardens

Extreme Bush Tomato

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1839 - Extreme Bush Tomato. 50 Days. These Determinate Tomato plants are true marvels, growing to a height of twelve to twenty-eight inches. Despite their compact size, these plants are incredibly productive and provide a continuous harvest over an extended period. One intriguing feature of these tomato plants is their leaves, which curl up and inward, adding a unique touch to your garden. The fruit they bear is equally impressive—each tomato weighs about three ounces, boasts a classic globe shape, and shines in a vibrant red color. As they ripen, you'll notice a charming hint of orange on their shoulders. With their compact size, uniform fruit, and spicy ketchup aroma, they are an ideal choice for container gardens and thrive even in dry climates. This variety is an excellent choice for gardening enthusiasts with limited space or those eager to explore container gardening. Discover the convenience and productivity of this dwarf variety and elevate your gardening experience with determinate Tomatoes