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Tankuro Soybean

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3563 - Tankuro Soybean. 90 Days. Glycine max An exceptional edamame variety that hails from Japan, known for its unique characteristics and rich flavor, this black-seeded edamame is highly regarded for its culinary appeal. In Japan, black-seeded edamame varieties are celebrated for their sweeter and more flavorful taste compared to their green or tan-seeded counterparts. The Tankuro Soybean has earned its reputation as a top choice for those seeking a delightful and satisfying edamame experience. One of the standout features of the Tankuro Soybean is its impressive productivity. To enjoy the Tankuro Soybean at its best, it's essential to pick the pods promptly when the immature seeds inside are bulging, while the pods themselves are still dark green. This stage ensures that you capture the beans at their peak of flavor and tenderness. As the pods mature and dry down, they form beautiful black pearls that can be used as planting stock for the following year. Whether you're a fan of edamame or looking to explore new and flavorful varieties of soybeans, the Tankuro Soybean is a fantastic choice. Its exceptional taste, high productivity make it a sought-after addition to any garden or culinary endeavor.