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Greta's Family Gardens

Zephyr Yellow Summer Squash

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4707 - Zephyr Yellow Summer Squash. 54 Days. Cucurbita pepo The Zephyr squash stands out with its slender, slightly crooked shape, a trait inherited from the yellow crookneck in its lineage, which also includes yellow acorn and delicata squash, and distinctive two-toned appearance. This is the squash that sets the standard for summer squash aesthetics. Its stem end boasts a soft yellow hue, while the blossom end is kissed with a pale green tone, with faint silver stripes tracing the in-between transition. The intensity of the green coloring may vary under stressful growing conditions, such as high heat or water scarcity. These versatile fruits can be harvested at various stages of maturity, but they are at their tender, flavorful best at 4" to 7" in length, offering a delicate, sweet, and nutty flavor. Excellent grilled. Moreover, not just the fruit, but also the leaves and blossoms of the plant are edible, offering a subtle summer squash flavor. The Zephyr squash, developed in 1999 by Rob Johnson of Johnny's Seeds, is the result of crossbreeding a yellow crookneck squash with a hybrid squash, itself a blend of acorn and delicata squash varieties. Like many summer squash types, Zephyr squash thrives in full sun, warm weather, and well-drained, nutrient-rich soil. Exhibiting an open growth habit, this prolific producer offers an abundance of both fruits and squash blossoms.